Baby Checklist Newborn

Baby checklist newborn should be considered and pay attention enough though you already have 2 or more kids. The reason is because every baby or kid is different so you need to check what kind of things you need to have when your baby is born.

Baby checklist newborn also needed because sometimes baby’s stuffs in the past are not in good condition again or there are new versions from baby shops. So, it is still important for you to list things on baby checklist newborn to prepare for your newborn baby, above all if you are expecting your first baby.

What kind of important stuffs those need to consider as baby checklist newborn? Here are some of them.

1. Baby’s nursery is the first thing you need to list. To complete this baby checklist newborn you need to input baby’s bedding in your list too. Choosing the baby’s nursery design should be consider to your baby’s gender but for baby bedding you only need consider its softness. Those things are very important so should as your baby checklist newborn consideration.

2. Clothing. Even if you still keep your former baby clothes, you still need to buy some new ones. Put this thing as your second baby checklist newborn consideration. You will not know what your next baby gender is and it will be preventing step if your newborn baby gender is different from other kids before. Writing clothes needed as your baby checklist newborn also can be your safety move in case your baby’s weight are more than his/her sibling when their were born.

3. Diapering. This stuff should be your baby checklist newborn consideration too. You will get very busy if your baby don’t use any diaper and diaper can comfort your baby to keep them clean.

4. Breast feeding or Bottle feeding things. You need to consider those both things in your baby checklist newborn since you decide breast feeding or bottle feeding to your baby. You can put breast pump or breast pads if you decide to breast feeding. But you can put bottle, bottle sterilizer, nipple newborn as your baby checklist newborn if you decide to bottle feeding in any reason.

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